The final price of the training course depends on how many driving classes need to be completed during the studies. The number of classes required is individual and depends on many factors.

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B category (E-learning)
Price Service Service description
260 € Registration and theory classes Can be split into parts of 160 € during the first week of the course and 100 € on the fourth week of theory. Classroom meeting or live stream theory course video lectures online
300 € Registration and E-Course Can be split into parts of 200 € during the first week of the course and 100 € on the fourth week of theory. Liikluslab E-Course (4 months) and Theory course video lectures
195 € Driving course (26 driving lessons) First payment for starting the driving course — 26 lessons (Teacher’s salary for the mandatory driving program amount). Should be paid to the school bank account.
390 € Car rent (26 lessons) Can be paid after single class taken (15 €/1 class).  * Car rent can be provided by the driving teacher or any other third party.
494 € Car rent (26 lessons) — Sky Best DS OÜ * Car rental fees should be paid directly to the school bank account.
starting from 855 €
Total Theory + 26 driving classes
Additionally you should pass:
15 € + 30 € School driving test Can be paid in cash or bank transfer to instructor`s bank account (90 min.)
60 € Night driving course  
100 € Slippery driving course Mechanical gearbox / Automatic gearbox
50 € First aid course  
starting from 1100 € Total Theory/ 26 driving classes / School driving test / Night driving / Slippery driving / First aid
Additionally you should pass:
25 € Extra driving lesson Driving lesson for students from other driving schools  (45 min)
100 € Transfer from other driving school  
46 € Road administration exam Price for Sky Driving School students (12 € registration + 26 goverment fee)
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