Slippery driving. Final stage

The winter driving course takes place on the training platform with the special coating. All the conditions there will be very similar with the real conditions on the roads of Estonia in winter. Thanks to this, each student will be able to understand the relations between speed and braking distance of the car, as well as learn how to prevent dangerous and unexpected situations on a slippery road.

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«Slippery driving. B category final stage»

Hello! SKY driving school would like to remind you that everyone who has received a license must also complete the final stage of the course – “Winter driving”.

This year we started to conduct this course entirely in SKY Driving School and now we can provide an affordable price and ensure a comfortable and fast course completion in just one day.

Complete one day course for only 140 €. We propose to you to pass it as soon as possible! You can register now and see the details below.

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Learning stages

In order to take the winter driving course, you should pass these trainings.


Theory course

Theory course. The theory course is conducted to improve the drivers qualifications and it takes 3 academical lessons. It is possible to pass it in the classroom and online.


ECO friendly driving

According to the opinion of the experts, it is one of the ways to reduce fuel consumption by 20-25%. The economical driving style is an important part of safety on the road. This lesson can be conducted on the car of a driving school or student’s car. This course has both parts: theoretical and practical.



The most important part of the final stage training is the slippery studying platform. Here we find ourselves in the possible conditions of a slippery road, working out various situations that can happen in real life. The course will be held at the LaitseRallyPark.

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Rally Park

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