Night – time driving

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Night – time driving

Course description:

Driving in the night time course is mandatory for getting a primary driving license.

Driving in the night time is especially dangerous for safety, due to road reference points that drivers use in the day time are less or not visible in the dark. There is a danger of mixing right and oncoming drive lanes for example. Due to low traffic intensity drivers might think that night roads are good for driving fast, but this is far from being true.

Low visibility, tired drivers, wild animals on road, worse concentration and ability to assess speed and distance in the night time. All these factors influence driving safety.


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Course steps


1. Registration

For registration to “Driving in night time” course You should follow the link and fill the registration form


2. Feedback

You will receive a confirmation letter to your e-mail with payment terms and further instructions.

Theory course

3. Theory course

1. If you choose a recorded lesson option, you will get a link to theory course right after the registration.

2. If you choose an online translation, then you will receive a reminder in the course day and link to the translation 15 minutes before the beginning of the lesson.


4. Driving

After the theory course is completed, you need to take a driving lesson. You can register for a driving lesson via the link below.

After filling the form you will receive registration confirmation, driving instructor contacts and further instructions.

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5. Done!

Excellent! Course is accomplished!


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